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Tufts vs. Cornell: Struggling to decide!

Hello! I've been admitted to both Tufts and Cornell, and I am absolutely torn between them. I can't seem to figure out which one fits me better. If you could, please share your thoughts on academic rigor, campus life, and any other factors that could help me make up my mind. Thanks for your help!

6 months ago

Firstly, congratulations on your acceptances! Both Tufts and Cornell are outstanding institutions, so you can't go wrong with either one. Let's dive into some key differences between the two which might help you in your decision-making process.

Academic Rigor:

Both Tufts and Cornell have challenging academic programs, but the experience might differ based on the specific field you're pursuing. Cornell is part of the Ivy League and is known for its intensive programs, particularly in engineering, business, and agriculture. Tufts, on the other hand, has a strong focus on international relations, arts, and humanities. You might want to consider which school has a more renowned or fitting program in your area of interest.

Campus Life:

The environment and location of the two schools are quite different. Tufts is located in Medford, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. This gives students the opportunity to experience a suburban campus with easy access to a major city. Cornell is located in a more rural setting in Ithaca, New York, which offers a tight-knit community experience but is farther from larger cities. Consider whether you'd prefer a more urban or rural setting for your college experience.


Cornell is a larger university, with around 15,000 undergraduates, while Tufts has about 5,500. This difference in size could potentially affect class size, student-to-faculty ratio, and the overall campus atmosphere. Think about whether you prefer smaller, more intimate class settings or if you're comfortable in larger lecture halls.

Social Atmosphere:

Cornell has a strong Greek life presence, with almost a third of students participating in fraternities and sororities. Tufts has Greek life as well, but participation is lower, and it's not as much of a driving force on campus. Consider if Greek life is something you want to take part in or if you would prefer to have a social experience focused more on clubs and other organizations.

Ultimately, the best fit will depend on your personal preferences and priorities. You may want to visit both campuses if possible, explore academic programs, and connect with current students to gather as much information as possible. Good luck with your decision, and know that either choice will offer you a fantastic college experience!

6 months ago

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