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Williams waitlist

Hey guys, so I'm really interested in applying to Williams College next year, but I'm a bit worried about the possibility of being waitlisted. How does the waitlist process work and what are my chances of getting accepted if I end up on it?

6 months ago

Hey there! It's completely normal to be worried about the waitlist process, but let me clarify some details for you. First, when you apply to Williams College and receive a waitlist decision, it means that the admissions committee has recognized your potential as a strong applicant, but there may not be room in the current class. You're placed on a waitlist alongside others in a similar situation.

Now, how does it work? If some admitted students decide not to attend Williams College (which happens as they might choose to attend another college instead), spots may open for those on the waitlist. At that point, the admissions committee will start reviewing the waitlisted applicants again, and some may receive an offer of admission. It's essential to understand that this happens on a rolling basis, and there is no fixed order or guarantee that you would be selected.

As for your chances of getting accepted from the waitlist, it's difficult to predict a specific percentage, as it depends on factors like the number of admitted students that choose to enroll and the strengths of the incoming waitlisted applicants. However, in general, being on the waitlist does lower your chances compared to a direct offer of admission.

While you're waiting, it's essential to have a plan B in place. If you receive a waitlist decision from Williams, consider accepting offers from other colleges that have given you a direct admission, as there is no guarantee that you'll get off the waitlist. Keep in mind that you can still enroll at Williams if later you receive an offer, though you'd first want to make sure you understand any financial or enrollment implications tied to switching schools at that point.

Finally, if you're really passionate about Williams, you can also consider writing a Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI). This is an opportunity to reaffirm your desire to attend the college, provide updates on accomplishments since submitting your application, and demonstrate your commitment to the school. A well-written LOCI can help strengthen your waitlist application but, again, there are no guarantees.

Best of luck with your application process, and no matter the outcome, remember that there are so many great colleges and opportunities out there for you!

6 months ago

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