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What's The CLT?

Hey guys, I've seen some mentions of the CLT while searching for college admission tests. What is the CLT and how does it compare to the SAT and ACT? Do many colleges accept it? Feelin' a little bit lost about it, please help!

6 months ago

Hey! The CLT, or Classic Learning Test, is an alternative college admissions exam to the SAT and ACT. The main difference is that the CLT is a more humanities-focused test, grounded in the principles of classical education. It consists of three sections: Verbal Reasoning, Grammar/Writing, and Quantitative Reasoning. Like the SAT and ACT, it tests your reading, writing, and math skills, but with a stronger emphasis on logic, philosophy, and critical thinking.

In terms of comparison to the SAT and ACT, the CLT is a shorter test (2 hours instead of 3+ hours) and provides test results within 24 hours. While the SAT and ACT are more widely accepted and well known, the CLT has been growing in popularity, especially among religious, private, and classical education communities.

The number of colleges accepting the CLT is still relatively limited compared to the SAT and ACT. However, the list of CLT-accepting colleges is expanding each year, with around 200 institutions currently accepting it, particularly smaller, private universities and liberal arts colleges.

Before deciding to take the CLT, it's important to research the specific colleges you're interested in and see if they accept it. If they do, taking the CLT could be a solid option for you, especially if you excel in humanities-based subjects. If not, you may want to focus on the SAT or ACT instead, as they're more universally accepted. Good luck with your college admissions journey!

6 months ago

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