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TI-86 vs TI-84: Which one should I get?

Hey guys, I need to get a graphing calculator for my math classes. I'm debating between the TI-86 and the TI-84. Can you help me with the advantages and disadvantages of each calculator? Which one would be more suitable for high school and college courses? Also, are both calculators allowed for standardized tests like SAT and ACT? Thank you!

6 months ago

Hey there! Both the TI-86 and TI-84 are great graphing calculators, but they cater to slightly different needs. I'll give you a breakdown of their key features so you can decide which one is more suitable for you.


- More powerful than the TI-84

- Offers advanced functionality for complex calculations (useful for higher education)

- Larger memory capacity

- Can be harder to navigate for beginners

- Bulkier and slightly more expensive

- Not allowed on the SAT or ACT (due to its advanced features)


- Widely used in high schools and college courses

- User-friendly interface

- Sufficient functionality for most standard math classes

- Lightweight and cheaper than TI-86

- Allowed on the SAT, ACT, and most other standardized tests

Given that you're looking for a calculator for both high school and college courses, I'd recommend the TI-84. It is a more versatile option that caters well to the needs of a majority of students. Additionally, the TI-84 is allowed on standardized tests, which will be beneficial for you when taking the SAT or ACT.

The TI-86 is powerful, but unless you're pursuing a math-heavy major that requires advanced calculations, such as engineering or physics, the TI-84 should suffice. Plus, the user-friendly interface of the TI-84 makes it an excellent choice for everyday use. I hope you found this helpful!

6 months ago

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