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What Sets Apart Harvard University Admits?

I'm a bit stressed about the college application process and aiming for Harvard. So, I was just wondering: other than having amazing grades and extracurriculars, what else does it take to get accepted into Harvard University? Anything that could set an applicant apart would be great to know.

6 months ago

First, I completely understand the stress that comes with the college application process, and it's natural to wonder what sets apart students who are accepted at highly competitive universities like Harvard. One key thing to remember is that top colleges like Harvard are looking for students who have a specialty or a "spike" in their application rather than being well-rounded in all areas.

These successful students tend to excel in a specific field and demonstrate depth in their extracurriculars, which can include winning prestigious competitions, creating impactful initiatives, or contributing to meaningful research. By being a specialist in their chosen field, they can set themselves apart from the competition. Additionally, they may showcase their abilities through internships, self-directed projects, or collaboration with professionals in their field.

Moreover, a compelling and well-crafted personal essay goes a long way in setting an applicant apart. The best essays often reveal critical thinking, unique perspectives, and genuine reflection. A strong essay should demonstrate self-awareness, intellectual curiosity, and personal growth. Avoid clichéd topics, and try to make your essay as personal and distinctive as possible.

Letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors can also be a tipping point in the admissions process. These letters should highlight your strengths, character, and work ethic in a concrete and specific way. By building strong relationships with teachers and others who can speak on your behalf, you can improve the impact of these letters.

Finally, many successful Harvard admits excel in their passion projects. By showcasing a deep interest and commitment to a project you genuinely care about, you demonstrate your ability to contribute positively to the campus community and beyond.

In summary, Harvard is looking for students who have an exceptional record of achievement in a specialized area, while also demonstrating depth in extracurricular activities, a strong personal essay, excellent letters of recommendation, and a passion for making a difference. It's important to focus on these elements of your application and reflect on what makes you unique as you navigate the admissions process. Good luck!

6 months ago

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