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High school writing competitions?

Hey everyone! I'm curious about writing competitions available for high school students. What are some popular and reputable ones I could participate in? Any insights on how to prepare for them?

6 months ago

Hey there! There are definitely some great writing competitions for high school students to participate in. A few popular and reputable ones include:

1. Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: This program recognizes creative teens in grades 7-12 in multiple categories such as poetry, short stories, essays, and more. Submitting your work here can potentially earn you recognition, publication, and scholarships.

2. YoungArts: This organization offers a national competition for young artists, including writers. Winners can receive cash awards, mentorship, and opportunities for exhibition or publication. Writing categories include short stories, poetry, and creative non-fiction.

3. National High School Essay Contest: Sponsored by the American Foreign Service Association, this contest asks high school students to write an essay on a critical aspect of international relations. Winners might receive scholarships and even an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C.

4. New York Times Student Editorial Contest: This annual contest invites students to submit editorials on topics they're passionate about. The winners' work may be published on the New York Times website, providing valuable exposure to young writers.

As for preparation tips, consider the following:

- Read previous winning entries: This helps you understand what judges are looking for in terms of quality, content, and style.

- Develop your writing skills: Regularly practice writing, focusing on grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and clear organization of your ideas.

- Find your voice: Experiment with different writing styles and techniques to discover your unique voice. Uniqueness and authenticity tend to impress judges.

- Seek feedback: Share your work with teachers, friends, or family members, and be open to constructive criticism to grow as a writer.

- Pay attention to guidelines: Each contest has its own rules and requirements, so carefully read and follow them to maximize your chances of success.

Best of luck with your writing adventures!

6 months ago

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