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Purdue vs UMD: Help me decide!

Hello everyone! I'm torn between Purdue and UMD (University of Maryland). Could you please share your thoughts on their academic programs, campus life, and any other factors that you think are important when choosing between these two schools?

6 months ago

Sure! Both Purdue University and the University of Maryland are excellent institutions. I will give you a rundown of their programs, campus life, and other factors to consider.

Academic Programs:

- Purdue is well-known for its engineering and computer science programs, ranked among the top in the nation. It also has strong programs in agriculture, business, and aviation.

- UMD is also strong in engineering and computer science, but its business, journalism, and public policy programs are highly regarded as well.

Campus Life:

- Purdue, located in West Lafayette, Indiana, offers a more traditional college-town experience, with the main campus having a strong sense of community. Students often mention the "Boilermaker spirit" that brings everyone together.

- UMD, in College Park, is just 20 minutes away from Washington, D.C., providing a more urban experience. The proximity to the nation's capital offers many internship and job opportunities, as well as cultural experiences.


- Make sure to consider the costs of each university, including tuition, room and board, and any additional fees. You should also take into account the financial aid packages offered by both schools.

Weather & Location:

- Purdue has a colder climate, with snowy winters, while UMD has milder winters and a longer warm season.

- Distance from home and ease of travel may also be a factor to consider when choosing between these two schools.

Research, Internship & Networking Opportunities:

- Both institutions have a strong focus on research, but Purdue tends to have more emphasis on engineering and technology.

- UMD has the advantage of being close to D.C., which offers numerous opportunities for internships and jobs, especially in government, policy, and tech.

Social & Extracurricular Aspects:

- Both schools have active Greek life and a wide range of clubs and activities to choose from.

- Sports culture is prominent at both universities, with strong NCAA Division I athletic programs.

6 months ago

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