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Looking for five-year Physician Assistant programs

Hey everyone! I'm set on becoming a Physician Assistant, and I'd like to find a college with a five-year PA program that combines both bachelor's and master's degrees. Any recommendations or experiences with these types of programs? Thanks!

6 months ago

Hello! Your interest in pursuing a Physician Assistant career through a five-year combined program is a great choice for efficiently achieving both your undergraduate and graduate degrees. I'd be happy to suggest a few colleges which offer such programs in the United States.

1. Drexel University — Drexel's Physician Assistant program offers a Five-Year Accelerated Option through the Health Sciences or Biological Sciences majors. Drexel's program is PA-CAT recommended and has a strong clinical component, providing ample opportunities for hands-on experience.

2. Seton Hall University — At Seton Hall, the University has a Dual Degree Program (BS/MS) in Physician Assistant Studies. Their program accepts a limited number of students to maintain a low student-to-faculty ratio and offers immersive clinical experiences.

3. Duquesne University — Duquesne's Rangos School of Health Sciences has a combined BS/MS Physician Assistant Studies program that incorporates over 2,000 hours of clinical rotations across diverse settings, ensuring you'll gain broad exposure to different medical fields.

4. Wagner College — Wagner offers an advanced BS/MS Physician Assistant Studies program that emphasizes communication skills and clinical decision-making. With an on-campus human patient simulation lab and interdisciplinary training, their program stands out in terms of practical experience.

5. Baldwin Wallace University — In their Physician Assistant program, Baldwin Wallace offers a challenging combined BS/MS program with a strong focus on evidence-based medicine. The program structure includes didactic and clinical phases to ensure you develop the necessary skills for the profession.

Keep in mind that admission to some of these programs might be highly competitive. Make sure to research each program's admission requirements and prerequisites, and consider visiting campuses or contacting admissions representatives for more accurate and personalized information. Good luck in your pursuit of becoming a Physician Assistant!

6 months ago

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