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Projects for high school students?

I'm looking for some project ideas for high school students to help build my college application. What are some interesting projects you guys have done or any suggestions for me?

6 months ago

One great starting point for project ideas is to think about your passions, interests, or subjects you excel at. By building a project around these, you'll not only create a more unique and impressive extracurricular, but also enjoy the experience more. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

1. Community Service Project: Identify a need in your community and start a project to address it. For example, you could organize a food drive, coordinate tutoring sessions for underprivileged local students, or initiate a community beautification effort, like cleaning up a park or painting a mural.

2. Start a Club: If you have a unique interest that's not represented at your school, consider starting a club. This is an excellent way to showcase your leadership and organizational skills, and it can help create a community centered around shared interests.

3. Research Project: Conducting a research project around a subject you're passionate about can be a fantastic way to demonstrate your academic prowess. Reach out to a teacher or mentor who can guide you through the process and help you find the resources you need.

4. Tech and Coding Projects: If you enjoy programming or technology, consider developing an app or website that solves a problem, helps a cause, or highlights an issue you care about. Submit your work to competitions or presentations, or use your skills to teach others.

5. Art, Writing, or Film Projects: Create a collection of short stories, poems, paintings, photographs, or films based on themes that interest you. You could explore topics like cultural identity, climate change, or mental health. Share your work through social media, a personal website, a school exhibition, or even local galleries.

6. Entrepreneurship: Start a small business based on an innovative idea or product. Selling handmade crafts, launching a tutoring service, or offering IT support to local residents are just a few examples. This will demonstrate your creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to manage a project from start to finish.

7. Environmental Projects: Identify an environmental issue in your area (like water conservation, recycling, or renewable energy) and work on solutions to promote awareness and action. Initiate a school garden, host a zero-waste event, or organize a campaign to reduce plastic use in your community.

Remember to document your projects, gather any feedback or recognition you receive, and be prepared to discuss the impact and challenges you faced when applying to colleges. Best of luck with your endeavors!

6 months ago

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