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Transfer Student Acceptance Rates?

Hey everyone! I'm in the process of researching colleges for a potential transfer and I'm curious about the acceptance rates specifically for transfer students. Does anyone know where I could find this info? Thanks so much!

6 months ago

Hi there! Transfer acceptance rates usually aren’t as widely published as first-Year acceptance rates, so I’d suggesting searching for this information through each school’s Common Data Set. The Common Data Set is a yearly report of detailed information on admissions, which you can find by simply googling “[x school] common data set”—this is usually much easier than trying to find it on the college’s website, as school sites can sometimes be tricky to navigate.

Once you have the document up, you can control + F to find the data on transfer students—again, this is likely a more efficient strategy than combing through the document yourself.

Good luck with your transfer applications!

6 months ago

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