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Which colleges don't superscore?

Hey everyone, I've been hearing a lot about colleges that superscore SAT and ACT results, but I haven't been able to find a list of colleges that DO NOT superscore. Can anyone provide some insight or share which colleges don't superscore? Thanks!

6 months ago

Hello! While it's true that many colleges do superscore SAT and ACT results, some do not. While I can't provide a comprehensive and updated list of colleges that don't superscore, I can give you a few examples and suggest how you can find that information for specific schools.

Some colleges that don't superscore the SAT and ACT are Georgetown University and the University of California system. For the UC system, they'll consider the highest overall SAT or ACT score from a single test date. Georgetown doesn't superscore ACT scores, but they still recommend sending all your SAT/ACT scores for their consideration.

To find out whether a college superscores or not, you can typically find this information on each college's admissions website. Look for their standardized test score policy and check if they mention superscoring. Alternatively, you can contact each college's admissions office to ask about their specific policy on superscoring. Keep in mind that policies may change over time, so it's always best to verify directly with the school you're interested in.

Good luck with your college search! Remember, the more you know about each school's policies, the better prepared you'll be for the application process.

6 months ago

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