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MCAT vs SAT - how do they compare?

Yo, so I know the MCAT is for med school and the SAT is for college, but could you guys tell me how different they really are? Are there any similarities in the test-taking skills needed for both exams? Or are they completely unrelated? Just curious.

6 months ago

Hey there! You're right that the MCAT is for medical school admission and the SAT is for undergraduate college admission, but it's still possible to compare them in terms of structure, content, and the skills they test.

Structure-wise, the MCAT is significantly longer and more challenging than the SAT. The MCAT takes about 7.5 hours, while the SAT only takes around 3 hours (or about 4 hours with the essay). Both tests have multiple sections, but their content focus is different.

Content-wise, the SAT has three main sections: Math, Evidence-Based Reading, and Writing & Language. It tests your critical thinking, problem-solving, and reading comprehension skills. The MCAT, on the other hand, covers four sections: Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems, Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS), Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems, and Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior. The MCAT requires a deep understanding of various scientific fields, as well as critical reading and reasoning skills.

As for test-taking skills, both exams share some commonalities. Time management, effective reading strategies, and process of elimination techniques can benefit you on both tests. However, given the MCAT's emphasis on scientific knowledge and the reading-intensive CARS section, the skills required for the MCAT are more specialized than those for the SAT. Make sure to keep in mind that the difficulty level of the MCAT is also higher than that of the SAT.

6 months ago

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