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Which subject is considered a social science?

I've been seeing the term 'social science' popping up recently in conversations about possible majors. What's considered a social science subject?

6 months ago

Social science is a broad category that encompasses a wide range of subjects focused on understanding human society, behaviors, and relationships. These subjects seek to explain how individuals, groups, and societies interact and function. Some common social science subjects include:

1. Anthropology: The study of human societies and cultures, both past and present, including their social structure, practices, and beliefs.

2. Economics: The study of how individuals, households, businesses, and governments allocate resources and make choices in the face of scarcity.

3. Geography: The study of Earth's physical and human features, including spatial patterns, natural and human environments, and how people interact with their surroundings.

4. History: The study of past events and societies, focusing on significant trends, developments, and experiences of human civilization.

5. Political Science: The study of the structure, processes, and organizations of government, as well as how power and authority are exercised, distributed, and challenged in society.

6. Psychology: The study of human behavior and mental processes, including cognition, emotion, motivation, learning, and social interaction.

7. Sociology: The study of human social relationships and institutions, including how societies are organized, how they change, and the impact of these changes on individuals and groups.

These are just a few examples of social science subjects. Many interdisciplinary subjects, such as women's and gender studies, environmental studies, and urban planning, also incorporate social science perspectives and methods. If you're considering a major in the social sciences, you have a wide array of subjects and disciplines to choose from!

6 months ago

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