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Can you tell me more about Cornell's waitlist?

Hey there! I've been waitlisted at Cornell, and I'm feeling a little bit stressed about it. What's the typical waitlist percentage for Cornell, and what can I do to increase my chances of getting off the waitlist? Thanks for any advice!

6 months ago

Hey! I understand that being waitlisted can be stressful, but don't lose hope. Generally, the number of applicants that get off the waitlist varies each year and depends on the yield of accepted students (i.e., how many students accept their offers of admission). Cornell's waitlist acceptance rate has fluctuated in recent years, usually ranging anywhere from 2-10%. However, it is essential to keep in mind that these statistics can change annually.

To optimize your chances of getting off the waitlist, consider taking the following steps:

1. Write a Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI): Express your enthusiasm about the possibility of attending Cornell and update admissions on any significant accomplishments or achievements since you submitted your initial application.

2. Maintain strong academic performance: Continue doing well in your courses, as colleges want to see that you remain dedicated and focused on your academics even after you've submitted your application.

3. Reach out to your regional admissions counselor: This can show your continued interest in the school and give you a chance to address any concerns or updates with someone familiar with your application.

4. Obtain an additional letter of recommendation: If you have a teacher or another mentor who could provide new insights about your qualities as a student and person, consider asking them for a recommendation to supplement your application.

5. Reflect on alternative plans: While it's essential to show your continued interest in Cornell, also take the time to research and potentially commit to another college that has offered you admission. Remember to carefully weigh your options and be ready for different outcomes during the waitlist process.

Finally, practicing patience is crucial, as the waitlist process may continue well into the summer months. Best of luck, and remember that whatever the outcome, it's only one part of your academic journey!

6 months ago

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