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Bucknell vs Holy Cross: Football Rivalry?

I'm considering attending either Bucknell or Holy Cross and I've noticed their football teams often compete against each other. Can anyone give me some background on their rivalry or just the quality of their football programs? How's the school spirit during these games?

6 months ago

Both Bucknell and Holy Cross have a history of strong athletic programs, and their football teams have developed a fierce yet friendly rivalry over the years. As members of the Patriot League, they compete against each other regularly, which contributes to the intensity of the competition between them.

In terms of the quality of their football programs, both teams have experienced varying levels of success over the years. While wins and losses may fluctuate, both programs are dedicated to excellence on and off the field. They emphasize the academic achievements of their student-athletes and encourage the growth and development of the young men participating in their football programs.

Regarding school spirit, there is a high level of enthusiasm among the students and fans during games between these two schools. The atmosphere at these games can be electrifying, with both campuses getting heavily involved in the excitement leading up to the matchups. You'll often see students sporting their school colors and engaging in various pre-game activities and tailgating events.

In summary, the Bucknell-Holy Cross football rivalry is a significant part of both schools' athletic culture. Attending either university would provide you with the opportunity to participate in the spirited atmosphere, camaraderie, and exciting competition that exists between these two programs. Ultimately, your choice between the schools should also take into account academic programs, campus life, and other factors that are important to you personally.

6 months ago

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