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Texas vs St. Edwards: Which college is a better choice for me?

Hey y'all! I've recently been accepted into both the University of Texas at Austin and St. Edwards University. I'm having a difficult time deciding which one would be a better fit for my career goals and preferences. Can anyone share their experiences, pros and cons, or insight on these two schools? P.S. I plan to major in biology and eventually go into pre-med.

6 months ago

Hi there! Congrats on your acceptances to both UT Austin and St. Edwards University! It's definitely tough to decide, but let me give you some pros and cons for both, and you can see what might align with your preferences and goals.

University of Texas at Austin:


1. UT Austin has a strong biology program and is well-regarded in STEM fields, which may benefit your pre-med education and future opportunities.

2. The size of the school and its resources often allow for broader course offerings and research opportunities.

3. UT Austin has a larger alumni network, which could be helpful for connections and mentorship in your field.

4. Being part of a large public university often means access to more clubs, organizations, and diverse extracurricular activities.


1. UT Austin is a much larger university in terms of student population, which might make it harder to build close relationships with professors and may lead to larger class sizes in some instances, especially early on in your college career.

2. While campus resources are abundant, you might encounter more competition for academic and research opportunities.

3. Navigating a larger university can be overwhelming for some students, especially when it comes to seeking assistance and support.

St. Edwards University:


1. St. Edwards is a smaller, private university, which often leads to smaller class sizes and a more close-knit community.

2. Personalized attention from professors might be more easily accessible at St. Edwards, which can be helpful when building relationships for recommendations or asking for academic support in general.

3. A smaller campus might offer a more intimate and less overwhelming environment for some students.


1. St. Edwards may not be as well-regarded in the STEM fields as UT Austin, which could impact research opportunities and connections in the field.

2. A smaller university might have fewer resources, course offerings, and extracurricular opportunities compared to a larger one, as well as a smaller network.

3. For students who are not Catholic, attending a Catholic institution may sometimes make them feel isolated (although St. Edwards does welcome students of all backgrounds).

Both UT Austin and St. Edwards have their individual strengths and weaknesses. Think about the kind of environment you want to be in for the next four years, and which characteristics are most important to you, and then ask yourself honestly which school is more likely to give you what you're looking for. Good luck, and I'm sure you'll thrive wherever you decide to go!

6 months ago

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