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Pilot degree programs - are they worth it?

Hey guys! I'm considering pursuing a career as a pilot and I've heard about pilot degree programs. I'm wondering if it's worth enrolling in one of those programs or if there's another route I should take? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

6 months ago

Hey! It's awesome that you're interested in a career as a pilot. Pilot degree programs can be an excellent way to both earn a degree and acquire the necessary flying skills and certifications. Enrolling in a pilot degree program typically offers a structured curriculum and a clear path to becoming a professional pilot. However, it's important to keep in mind that these degree programs can be expensive, and you may need to take out loans to cover the cost.

Another route to consider is obtaining a degree in a different field and then attending a flight school to earn your pilot certifications separately. This approach allows you to have a broader educational background and may provide some career flexibility in case your plans change or you want to explore other job opportunities in the future. Flight schools can offer the necessary training and certifications for a career as a pilot without the need to enroll in a full 4-year degree program, and can be cheaper than attending college for four years (although they are still quite expensive).

In some cases, pilots have opted to join the military to receive flight training and experience. This option includes a service commitment, but you could earn valuable experience and flight hours while serving, which could eventually lead to a successful career as a commercial pilot, as members of the military often build a strong network during their service.

To decide which route is best for you, consider factors such as your desired career path, financial resources, and personal interests. Keep in mind that airlines do typically prefer candidates with a bachelor's degree, so having a degree can be advantageous regardless of the path you choose. Speak with current pilots, flight instructors, or industry professionals to gain more insights into their experiences and recommendations for you personally. Good luck!

6 months ago

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