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What's Penn State's acceptance rate?

Hi everyone! Does anyone know what the acceptance rate is for Penn State? I've heard different things and just want to get a better understanding of it. Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

Hi there! The acceptance rate at Penn State can vary depending on the campus and major you're interested in, but overall, Penn State's acceptance rate is right around 50%. Keep in mind that this rate can vary from year to year, as different pools of applicants apply, but you're unlikely to see drastic deviation from this number.

However, it's important not only to focus on acceptance rates but also to consider factors such as the fit with the campus, its academic programs, and the resources available for your intended career path. If you see yourself thriving at Penn State and contributing to its community, go ahead and apply. Just make sure to present a strong application that reflects your accomplishments and goals.

Best of luck with your application!

6 months ago

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