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Senior year checklist by month

Does anyone have a month-by-month checklist of things to do during senior year to stay on track with college applications, scholarships, and other important tasks? I'd really appreciate any advice!

6 months ago

Sure, here's a general month-by-month checklist for senior year to help you stay on track with college applications, scholarships, and other important tasks. Keep in mind that some dates might vary based on your school's schedule and specific deadlines for scholarships or college applications, but hopefully this framework gives you an overall sense of what you'll need to take care of.


- Finalize your college list, including reach, match, and safety schools.

- Research application requirements (Common App, Coalition App, or school-specific portals) for the colleges you're applying to.

- Create a calendar or spreadsheet with all important deadlines (application, scholarship, financial aid).

- Start brainstorming ideas for your personal statement and supplemental essays.

- Request letters of recommendation from teachers, coaches, or mentors.


- Begin your college applications and essays.

- Attend college fairs and information sessions.

- Register for any final standardized tests (SAT and/or ACT) if you still aren't satisfied with your score.

- Complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile (if applicable).

- Prioritize applying to any schools that offer Early Decision or Early Action options, as those deadlines are typically in early November.


- Continue working on applications and essays for your Regular Decision schools, in case you aren't accepted early.

- Investigate scholarships and start submitting applications for them, as even at your Regular Decision schools, scholarships sometimes have earlier deadlines.


- Finish and submit all college applications with Regular Decision deadlines in January.

- Continue searching and applying for scholarships.


- Submit any remaining college applications.

- Check your college application portals to confirm all materials have been received.

- Finish applying for scholarships.


- Maintain your academic performance and extracurricular commitments.


- Await college decisions.

- Attend local alumni or accepted student events, if available, as your acceptances start rolling in.


- Compare offers and visit campus (if possible) to decide where you want to attend.

- Keep track of any waitlist opportunities and make sure you follow up accordingly.


- Submit your enrollment deposit to your chosen college before the May 1st deadline.

- Request final transcripts to be sent to the college you'll attend.

- Celebrate your achievements and prepare for graduation!

The Summer:

- Attend any orientation or registration events provided by your selected college.

- Enjoy yourself, and start getting ready to start your new chapter!

This is just a general guideline to keep you on track, but always double-check any specific deadlines for the colleges and scholarships you're applying to, and don't hesitate to ask teachers or counselors at your school for more personalized advice on how to make sure you stay on top of everything. Good luck with your senior year and college applications!

6 months ago

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