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How does grading work for audited college courses?

So, I've been considering auditing a college course, but I'm a little bit confused about how grading works for audited classes. Do you guys know if these classes affect my GPA? Do I get credit for them? Any insight would be appreciated.

6 months ago

When you audit a college course, it means you're attending the class without officially enrolling in it for credit. As a result, there are no grades assigned to audited courses, and they will not have any direct impact on your GPA. Since you're not taking the course for credit, you also won't receive any credit hours for it.

Depending on the specific institution and course, there might still be certain expectations for you as an auditing student. For example, you might be encouraged to participate in class discussions and complete assigned readings, but you typically won't be required to complete assignments or take exams. However, it's essential to communicate with the course instructor in advance to understand their expectations for auditing students. Some instructors may be flexible and allow you to participate in certain assignments if you wish, while others may be stricter about what you can and cannot do.

In sum, auditing a college course allows you to attend and engage in the class without the pressure of earning a grade or credit, making it a great opportunity to explore new subjects or learn without the stress of performance. Keep in mind, however, that audited courses will not count towards your degree requirements or the total number of credits you need to graduate.

6 months ago

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