How hard is it to get into 3-2 engineering dual degree programs?

Hey guys, I just found out about 3-2 engineering dual degree programs where you go to one school for 3 years and another for 2 years, getting degrees from both. I really want to go to Notre Dame, but my stats aren't the best. Do you think these programs, like the ones at Loyola Chicago or Elon, are easier to get into? Is this a good idea or am I just dreaming? Thanks for any info you can give me!

6 months ago

3-2 engineering dual degree programs can be more accessible than getting into top-tier schools directly. However, they still have their own set of admission requirements and can be competitive. Research the specific programs you're interested in, as acceptance rates and requirements vary. It's important to have backup plans and consider other options as well. Good luck!

6 months ago
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