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UNC - Chapel Hill Transfer Application

Hi everyone! I'm looking to transfer to UNC - Chapel Hill and I'd like to know if the transfer application process is substantially different from applying as a freshman. Also, do they focus more on your college or high school performance? Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

6 months ago

Hello! The transfer application process at UNC - Chapel Hill does have some differences compared to applying as an applicant right from high school. I'll outline some of those key differences for you and address your question about the focus of the evaluation.

1. Application form: As a transfer student, you'll use the Common Application for Transfers, which is different from the regular Common App used by first-year applicants. Some of the essay prompts and information you'll be asked to provide may vary from those for first-year students.

2. College Transcripts: You'll need to submit official transcripts from every college or university you have attended. UNC will review these transcripts to determine your college GPA, the rigor of the courses you've taken, and the progress you've made toward your intended major.

3. High School Performance: While high school performance is still considered in the evaluation process, college performance is weighted more heavily. Your high school transcript, however, is required for admission, so make sure to provide this as well.

4. Letters of recommendation: Transfer applicants are typically asked to submit at least one letter of recommendation from a college professor or instructor. This letter should offer insight into your achievements and experiences at the college level, so be thoughtful about who you ask.

5. Transfer essays and additional information: The essay prompts for transfer applicants might be slightly different from those for freshman applicants. Often, transfer students are asked to write about why they want to transfer, and how transferring to that specific institution will help them achieve their personal and career goals. Keep in mind that you want to approach your essay with a positive lens, which focuses on what UNC has to offer, rather than speaking down on your current institution.

6. Course evaluations/credit transfers: UNC may evaluate the courses you have taken at your previous institution(s) to determine their eligibility for transfer credits. You may want to research how they evaluate transfer credits to ensure you understand how much progress you can make toward completing your degree.

While your college performance does carry more weight in the transfer application process, UNC will still consider your entire academic history, including your high school performance, when making their decision, as well as your overall strengths and abilities as a person. To maximize your chances of acceptance, make sure to present a strong case for why you wish to transfer from your current institution and how UNC will be a better fit in terms of academic, personal, and professional goals.

Good luck!

6 months ago

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