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University of Maryland transfer deadline?

I'm currently a freshman at another university and I'm considering transferring to the University of Maryland. Does anybody know the transfer application deadline? I just want to make sure I submit everything on time!

6 months ago

The University of Maryland has a priority deadline for transfer applicants, which is February 15th for the Fall semester and October 20th for the Spring semester. It's important to submit your application and all required materials by these deadlines to ensure full consideration for admission and merit scholarships.

However, after the priority deadline, the University of Maryland operates on a space-available basis for transfer applicants, meaning they will review applications as they come in and offer admission until all available slots for transfer students are filled. This makes it crucial to submit your application as close to the priority deadline as possible to have the best chance of being admitted and receiving any merit scholarships you might be eligible for.

Good luck with your transfer application!

6 months ago

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