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Passing IB Score?

Hi everyone! I'm currently doing the IB program and I'm a bit stressed about the grading scale. What's considered a passing IB score, and what scores do colleges typically look for?

6 months ago

Hi there! No need to stress too much; let's break down the IB grading system to get a clearer understanding of the scoring and what colleges typically look for.

The IB diploma is awarded to students who score 24 points or above out of a maximum of 45 points. However, there are some conditions for a passing score. For example, students must not exceed a certain number of failing conditions, like scoring a total of 12 or more points combined in their three Higher Level (HL) subjects. These factors and others will determine if you pass the program.

Now, when it comes to college admissions, the score you'll need depends on the college and its level of selectivity. Some colleges may even award credit or advanced standing for high-scoring students. Generally, the more competitive the college, the higher the scores they'll expect. For example, Ivy League universities typically look for scores in the range of 38-45 points, while less selective colleges may set their expectations lower. However, keep in mind that IB scores are just one part of the application, and colleges consider other factors like grades, extracurriculars, essays, and recommendations as well.

It's important to aim high, but don't let a specific score become your only focus. Give your best in your coursework, engage in extracurriculars, and piece together a well-rounded application to increase your chances of admission. Good luck with the IB program!

6 months ago

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