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Writing Opportunities for High School Students

As a junior looking to strengthen my college application, I've been trying to find some writing opportunities to participate in. What are some cool writing projects and clubs or organizations out there for high school students?

6 months ago

There are numerous writing opportunities for high school students to explore. Participating in such projects can not only enhance your college application but also help you develop your writing skills. Here's a list of clubs, organizations, and contests that might interest you:

1. Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: This prestigious national contest recognizes talented young artists and writers. Submit your original works in various categories, such as poetry, essay, or short story, for a chance to win awards or scholarships.

2. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo): In November, NaNoWriMo encourages participants to write a 50,000-word novel from scratch in just one month. They also offer a Young Writers Program specifically designed for students up to age 17.

3. School Newspaper or Literary Magazine: If your school has a newspaper or literary magazine, consider joining as a writer, editor, or even a staff member. You'll be able to practice your writing skills, collaborate with others, and produce content for your school community.

4. Creative Writing Club: Start or join a creative writing club at your school, as it could be a great platform for sharing your work, receiving feedback from peers, and gaining inspiration from others. Additionally, the club can collaborate on group projects or host local writing events.

5. Local Writing Workshops and Events: Check your local library, community center, or bookstore for writing workshops and events geared towards high school students. These events can help you network, gain feedback, and learn from professional writers.

6. Online Writing Communities: Platforms like Wattpad, Figment, and TeenInk allow you to publish your writing, receive feedback, and engage with other young writers. These communities are a great way to share your work and find an audience.

7. Writing Competitions: There is a plethora of writing contests out there for high school students, covering various genres, themes, and deadlines. Some popular ones include the Young Authors Writing Competition, Ayn Rand Essay Contest, and the New York Times Student Editorial Contest.

8. Summer Programs: If you're looking to hone your writing abilities over the summer when you have more free time, you can find a list of reputable writing programs on CollegeVine's blog: https://blog.collegevine.com/high-school-summer-writing-programs. Many of these are low-cost or even free, and some offer a remote option, to give students flexibility and alleviate the financial and logistical constraints of travel.

Remember that quality is more important than quantity. Focus on joining or participating in a few writing opportunities that you genuinely enjoy and can commit time to, instead of trying to juggle too many at once, so that you can produce your best work and have more fulfilling experiences. Good luck with your writing journey!

6 months ago

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