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Opinions on private high schools in San Diego?

My family might be moving to San Diego and I have to start looking at new high schools. What are some of the best private high schools in the area? Any thoughts or personal experiences would be really helpful. Thanks!

6 months ago

San Diego has a range of private high schools with great academic programs, extracurricular opportunities, and supportive environments, so you're in a good spot. Here are a few of the top private high schools in the San Diego area that you should consider:

1. The Bishop's School (La Jolla): This prestigious college preparatory school is known for its strong academics, with numerous advanced courses and highly-regarded college counselors. The Bishop's School also has a diverse range of extracurriculars, including a successful sports program, clubs, and arts opportunities. The campus is beautiful and located in the heart of La Jolla.

2. Francis Parker School (San Diego): Francis Parker School places a strong emphasis on its challenging academic program and nurturing the whole student. With small class sizes, the faculty is able to provide individualized attention to students. They also offer a variety of sports, arts, and community service opportunities, as, again, they are committed to helping their students become well-rounded individuals.

3. La Jolla Country Day School (La Jolla): Known for its impressive academics and strong arts program, La Jolla Country Day School has a lot to offer students. Their mission focuses on supporting students in becoming adventurous, confident role models and leaders in a changing world.

4. Pacific Ridge School (Carlsbad): A little north of San Diego, Pacific Ridge School promotes a strong sense of community and global awareness. They offer unique programs like Global Learning In Action, which allows students to travel to other countries and learn about the issues they face, and a variety of extracurriculars to help students grow both academically and personally. The campus is modern and environmentally-friendly.

Of course, the "best" school will depend on what you're looking for in your education and personal growth. Make sure to visit their websites, read reviews, and reach out to current students or alumni, if possible. Schedule campus tours if you can, as they will often give you the best sense of what each school has to offer and whether it's the right fit for you. Good luck with your search!

6 months ago

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