When should I start preparing for the SAT or ACT?

Hey there! I'm a junior in high school, and I'm feeling a little stressed about when to start preparing for the SAT or ACT. When should I start studying, and how much time should I dedicate to it? Thank you so much for any advice!

3 months ago

Hey there! It's completely normal to feel a bit stressed about when to start preparing for the SAT or ACT. As a junior, you're right on track to begin thinking about these exams. A good rule of thumb is to start preparing about 3 to 6 months before your chosen test date. This gives you ample time to familiarize yourself with the test format, learn test-taking strategies, and build up your knowledge in the areas being tested. Dedicate a consistent study schedule that works for you, ideally between 5 to 10 hours a week. Regular practice is key to improving your scores. Remember to also take full-length practice tests to gauge your progress and identify areas that may need more attention. Lastly, don't forget to give yourself breaks and practice self-care to avoid burnout. Good luck, and I'm sure you'll do great!

3 months ago
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