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Do I need to submit an arts supplement with my college application?

Hey guys! I'm a junior in high school, and I'm really passionate about the arts. I've been involved in theater, music, and visual arts throughout my time in high school, and I'm wondering if I should submit an arts supplement with my college applications. Is it worth the extra effort, and how much will it really help my chances of getting in? Thanks for any advice!

11 months ago

Hey there! It's great to hear that you're so passionate about the arts. My child went through the college application process not too long ago, and they also had a strong background in the arts. Whether or not to submit an arts supplement really depends on the schools you're applying to and how important the arts are to you personally.

Some colleges specifically encourage students with strong arts backgrounds to submit a supplement, while others may not place as much emphasis on it. Look into the specific requirements and recommendations of the schools you're interested in to help you make your decision.

Submitting an arts supplement could potentially help your application stand out, and it's an opportunity to showcase your talents and dedication to the arts. However, keep in mind that it does require additional effort, such as preparing a portfolio or recording a performance. If you feel that your artistic achievements are well-represented in other parts of your application, like your extracurricular activities list or personal essay, it may not be necessary to submit a supplement.

Good luck with your college applications, and I hope you find the right fit!

11 months ago

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