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What are the best resources for college research?

Hello everyone! I'm a junior starting my college search journey. Where do you guys find the most helpful information about colleges? Any websites or resources you would recommend? Thanks so much!

11 months ago

Hello! It's great to see you starting your college search journey. I remember when my child was in your shoes, and we found a few resources particularly helpful. First off, try visiting the websites of the colleges you're interested in. Most colleges have detailed information about their programs, campus life, and admissions requirements on their websites. Don't forget to explore their virtual tours and social media accounts as well, which can give you a feel for the campus culture.

Another helpful resource is the College Board's BigFuture website (bigfuture.collegeboard.org). It's a comprehensive tool that allows you to search for colleges based on your preferences, like location, size, and majors offered. They also provide information on financial aid and scholarships.

Lastly, consider checking out Niche (www.niche.com) and Unigo (www.unigo.com). These websites offer student reviews and rankings on various aspects of colleges, such as academics, campus life, and more. While it's important not to rely solely on these rankings, they can provide some valuable insights from current students.

Good luck on your college search, and I hope you find the perfect fit for you!

11 months ago

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