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What are my options if I don't get into my ED school?

Hi everyone, I recently applied to my dream school through Early Decision (ED), but I'm worried about the possibility of being rejected. If that happens, am I allowed to apply to another school through Early Decision II (EDII)? I'd appreciate any information on this. Thanks!

a year ago

Hey there! It's totally normal to feel anxious about your Early Decision outcome, but don't worry too much. If you do end up being rejected from your ED school, you absolutely can apply to another school through Early Decision II (EDII).

EDII works similarly to regular ED, but the deadlines are a bit later. This gives you a chance to show your commitment to another school if your first-choice ED school doesn't work out. Just like with ED, if you're accepted to a school through EDII, you'll need to withdraw any other college applications and enroll at that school, since it's a binding agreement.

So, if you have a second-choice school you feel strongly about, applying EDII could be a great option. Keep in mind that you should still work on your Regular Decision applications as well, just in case. Good luck with your applications!

a year ago

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