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How do I get my PSAT score to go up? Need some advice!

Hey guys! I wanna do better on my PSAT, but I'm not sure where to start. What are some tips or tricks you used to get your score up? Any resources or study hacks you can share? Thanks for the help, y'all!

11 months ago

Hi there! Here are share some helpful strategies to improve your PSAT score:

1. Consistent practice: They dedicated a specific amount of time each week for practice tests, using resources like Khan Academy and the College Board's official practice tests, which are available online for free. This helped them get familiar with the test structure and identify areas that needed improvement.

2. Focus on weak areas: Once they identified their weak areas, they spent extra time addressing those specific topics, both in terms of content and test-taking strategies.

3. Time management: Learning to manage their time effectively during the test was crucial. They practiced completing sections within the allotted time and learned when to make educated guesses on questions they were unsure about.

4. Self-care: It's important not to over-stress about the PSAT. Encourage a healthy balance of studying, sleep, and relaxation. Remember, the PSAT is a practice test, and improvement comes with time and effort.

Stay positive and keep working towards your goals, and you'll definitely see progress. Best of luck!

11 months ago

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