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30 ACT to SAT conversion

Hey guys, I recently got a 30 on my ACT and I'm planning on taking the SAT as well. What's the equivalent SAT score for a 30 ACT? Thanks in advance!

4 months ago

Hey! Congrats on getting a 30 on your ACT! A 30 ACT score is approximately equivalent to a 1360 SAT score. Keep in mind that each testing experience is different, though, and the ACT and SAT also have some slightly differences in terms of content and structure, so your performance on the SAT may not be exactly equal to how you did on the ACT.

Preparation for a particular test is more important than how you did on a somewhat similar one, so to maximize your chances of success make sure you devote enough time to studying SAT-specific content and practicing SAT-specific strategies. Good luck on your upcoming SAT!

4 months ago

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