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Lehigh deadline confusion

Hey guys, I've been looking into applying to Lehigh University and I'm unsure about the different deadlines for application submissions. Can anyone please explain the difference between the Early Decision, Early Decision 2, and Regular Decision deadlines? Thanks in advance!

4 months ago

Sure, I'd be happy to explain the difference between those application deadlines at Lehigh University!

1. Early Decision (ED) - This deadline typically falls on November 1st. When you apply Early Decision, you're indicating to Lehigh that it is your top choice, and you're committed to attending if you get accepted. This is a binding decision, meaning if you're admitted, you're required to withdraw applications to other schools and attend Lehigh. Early Decision applicants usually receive their admissions decision in mid-December.

2. Early Decision 2 (ED2) - Much like the first Early Decision option, this is also binding. However, the deadline is later, typically in early January. This option works well for students who need more time to improve their applications or need more information before committing to Lehigh, or who have Lehigh as their #2 school and aren’t accepted ED1 at their top choice college. If you apply ED2, you'll generally receive your admissions decision by mid-February.

3. Regular Decision (RD) - This is a non-binding application option that usually has the same deadline as ED2, in early January. You can apply to as many schools as you want through Regular Decision, as this pathway does not entail any commitment to a particular college. Admissions decisions for RD applicants are typically released in late March or early April, and if admitted, you'll have until May 1st (National College Decision Day) to decide whether to enroll at Lehigh.

One thing to note is that applying Early Decision or Early Decision 2 might offer a slight advantage in the admissions process, as demonstrated interest and commitment to the school are taken into consideration. However, it's important only to apply in these binding rounds if you're certain Lehigh is your first choice and feel comfortable eliminating all other options if you’re accepted.

I hope this clears up the confusion. Good luck with your application to Lehigh University!

4 months ago

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