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Is a 30 ACT score considered good?

Hey everyone, I just got my ACT score back and it's a 30. I'm a bit unsure if that's considered a good score or not, especially for competitive colleges. Could y'all please share your thoughts and experiences on this?

4 months ago

Hey there! A 30 on the ACT is definitely a solid score, as it puts you in the 93rd percentile of test-takers nationally. While it's considered a good score overall, your competitiveness at a particular school will depend on their typical score ranges for accepted students.

If you're aiming for Ivy League or similarly selective institutions, their average ACT scores typically hover around 32-35. In this case, you may want to consider re-taking the test to improve your score and increase your chances. However, there are many other excellent schools out there that regularly accept students with a 30 ACT, so do your research on the middle 50% of ACT scores for accepted students at your top choice schools and go F from there.

Ultimately, a 30 ACT score is considered good overall, but it's essential to research the specific score ranges at your desired colleges to determine the competitiveness of this score at particular institutions. Good luck!

4 months ago

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