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Demonstrated interest for Colgate?

Yo fellow applicants, I'm getting ready to apply to Colgate and I'm wondering if showing demonstrated interest could boost my chances. Do they value campus visits, virtual events, or interactions with admissions officers? Thanks for any info!

4 months ago

Hey! Demonstrated interest can definitely play a role in the admissions process at Colgate. While the school does not explicitly track demonstrated interest, it can still help show admissions officers that you're truly interested in attending their school. Here are a few ways to demonstrate interest for Colgate:

1. Campus Visits: If you're able to make the trip, visiting the campus can give you a great understanding of the school and let you experience it firsthand. You can sign up for a campus tour or info session, and this can help the admissions office see your enthusiasm.

2. Virtual Events: If you can't visit the campus, don't worry! Colgate offers virtual events such as online info sessions, virtual tours, and webinars on specific topics. Attending these events will still show your interest in the school and give you valuable information about the college.

3. Interactions with Admissions Officers: Reach out to the Colgate admissions office with any questions you might have or engage in meaningful conversations with them, whether it's at an event or via email. Not only will this help you learn more about the college, but it also indicates that you're seriously considering Colgate.

Remember, while demonstrated interest can be beneficial to your application, your academic and extracurricular achievements, as well as your personal essay, carry much more weight in the decision-making process. Good luck with your application!

4 months ago

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