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UT Austin Priority Acceptance Rate: Worth It?

Hey everyone! I've heard about UT Austin's priority application, but I'm unsure of how much it improves my chances. Does anyone know the priority acceptance rate? And do you think it's worth trying? Thanks!

4 months ago

Hey, great question! UT Austin does have a priority application deadline (usually in early November) which is mainly aimed at applicants seeking additional financial aid and scholarship opportunities. While it doesn't provide a significant boost to your admissions chances like Early Decision or Early Action at other colleges, it does come with certain benefits.

By applying during the priority application period, you get your application in earlier, which allows it to be reviewed by the admissions committee before the regular deadline. This means you'll likely receive your admissions decision earlier than those who apply by the regular deadline. Additionally, the priority deadline applicants will be considered for certain scholarships and honors programs that may not be available to students applying by the regular deadline.

So, to answer your question, the priority application won't directly improve your chances of being accepted. However, there are benefits to applying by the priority deadline including the possibility for scholarships and honors program consideration along with an earlier decision.

If you have your application materials ready early and want to maximize your opportunities, I would recommend applying by the priority deadline. Just make sure that you don't rush your application and submit your best work. Good luck!

4 months ago

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