How do I choose between a large public university and a small private college?

Hey everyone! I'm trying to decide whether to apply to a large public university or a small private college. What are the pros and cons of each and what factors should I consider when making this decision? Thanks for any help!

4 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're thinking about this important decision. From my experience with my own child, I can share some insights into the pros and cons of large public universities and small private colleges. Large public universities often have a diverse student body, a wide range of majors and extracurricular activities, and more research opportunities. However, they can also be overwhelming in size and may have larger class sizes, which could mean less one-on-one interaction with professors. Small private colleges, on the other hand, typically offer smaller class sizes and a more intimate campus community. This can lead to more personalized attention from professors and a close-knit network of peers. The downside is that they might have fewer majors and resources compared to larger universities. When making your decision, consider factors such as the size of the community you prefer, the availability of your intended major, campus culture, financial aid packages, and your personal learning style. It's essential to visit campuses and talk to current students to get a feel for each school's atmosphere. Best of luck in your search!

4 months ago
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