What's the best method to study for the SAT?

Hey everyone! I'm planning on taking the SAT in a few months and I'm a little stressed about how to study for it. Can you suggest any resources or study methods that have worked for you? I really want to score well. Thanks in advance!

3 months ago

Hey there! I completely understand your stress, but don't worry - with the right preparation, you can definitely achieve a great score on the SAT. My child went through the same process not too long ago and found success using a combination of resources and study techniques. First, they used the official College Board practice tests to get a sense of their current level and the type of questions on the test. This helped them identify areas that needed improvement. They also utilized the Khan Academy SAT prep, which is a free online resource that has partnered with the College Board to offer personalized learning plans and video lessons. To supplement these resources, my child also used some SAT prep books, like the ones from the Princeton Review or Barron's, which provided additional strategies and practice questions. Finally, they made sure to set aside dedicated study time each week and took occasional practice tests to track their progress. Remember, the key is to stay consistent and practice regularly. Good luck!

3 months ago
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