Is it okay to have a job during high school?

Hey there! I'm a junior, and I've been working part-time during high school to help my family financially. Will having a job be seen as a negative thing on my college applications, or will it be seen as a valuable experience? Thanks for any advice!

3 months ago

Hey! First of all, kudos to you for stepping up and helping your family financially during high school. It's definitely a big responsibility, and I think it's great that you're taking it on. Now, as for your question about how colleges will view your part-time job, I believe it will generally be seen as a valuable experience. College admissions officers understand that not every student has the same opportunities or circumstances. They will likely appreciate the fact that you've been balancing work and school, while also demonstrating responsibility and time management skills. It's important to include your job in your application, and you may even want to emphasize the lessons you've learned or skills you've gained from your work experience. Just make sure you're also involved in other activities that show your interests and passions, as colleges like to see well-rounded applicants. Best of luck with your college applications!

3 months ago
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