Do colleges look at weighted or unweighted GPAs?

Hey everyone! I'm a high school junior and I've been wondering about how colleges evaluate GPAs. My school calculates both weighted and unweighted GPAs, and I'm not sure which one colleges will consider when reviewing my application. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thank you so much!

3 months ago

Hi there! I understand your concern about the GPAs in the college application process. From my experience with my own child's college applications, I've found that colleges generally look at both weighted and unweighted GPAs. However, the way they consider these numbers can vary depending on the institution. Some colleges may prioritize weighted GPAs to acknowledge the rigor of the courses you've taken, while others might focus on unweighted GPAs to ensure a more equal comparison between applicants from different schools. It's also important to remember that your GPA is just one part of your application. Colleges will also take into consideration your extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, and other factors when making their decision. My advice would be to continue working hard in your classes and maintain a strong GPA, regardless of whether it's weighted or unweighted. That way, you'll be well-prepared for whatever preference a particular college may have. Good luck with your college journey!

3 months ago
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