What's the best way to demonstrate interest in a college?

Hello collegevine! I was wondering, what are some effective strategies for showing a college that I'm genuinely interested in attending their school? I've heard that attending events and visiting the campus can help, but are there other things I should be doing? Thanks for your help!

4 months ago

Hello! Demonstrating interest in a college is a great way to help your application stand out. In addition to attending events and visiting the campus, there are several other strategies you can use to show your genuine interest. First, make sure to sign up for the college's mailing list, as this will allow you to receive information about their programs and events. You should also follow their social media pages, as this is another way to stay updated on campus news and activities. Next, consider reaching out to the admissions office with any questions you may have about the college and its programs. This not only indicates your interest but also gives you a chance to get valuable information directly from the source. Additionally, try to connect with current students or alumni from the college. They can provide you with personal insights about the school, which will help you better understand if it's a good fit for you. Finally, when it comes time to submit your application, make sure to tailor your essays to the specific college. Highlight the reasons why you're interested in attending, and discuss how you would contribute to the campus community. Good luck with your college search!

4 months ago
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