How do I request a letter of recommendation?

Hello! I'm a junior and I need to start thinking about asking for letters of recommendation for college applications. How should I go about this process? What's the best way to approach a teacher or counselor? I'm a little bit nervous, so any tips would be helpful!

4 months ago

Hey there! It's completely normal to feel a bit nervous about asking for letters of recommendation, but don't worry, I'm here to help. First, you should make a list of potential teachers or counselors who know you well, ideally those who have taught you in a subject related to your intended major or those who have seen your growth and development throughout high school. Next, prepare a brief outline of your accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and future goals. This will help your recommender write a more personalized and impactful letter. When it's time to approach your chosen teachers or counselors, do so in person if possible, and with ample time before college application deadlines. Be polite and respectful in your request, and express your genuine appreciation for their time and support. Offer to provide them with any materials or information they might need, such as the aforementioned outline or a copy of your resume. Finally, remember to follow up with a thank-you note once they've agreed to write your letter, and keep them informed about your college application outcomes. Good luck!

4 months ago
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