Do colleges prefer AP or IB courses?

Hello! I'm a junior and I'm trying to decide between taking AP or IB courses next year. Do colleges have a preference for one over the other? Will taking one type of course over the other help my chances of getting accepted? Thanks for any help!

4 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're thinking about your course selection for next year. While I'm not an admissions expert, I do have a child in college and went through the whole process recently. From what I've seen, colleges generally don't have a strong preference for AP or IB courses. What they're looking for is that you've taken challenging courses and performed well in them. Both AP and IB courses are considered rigorous, so you can't go wrong with either one. The important thing is to choose the classes that interest you the most and that you believe you'll succeed in. This will show colleges that you're dedicated and able to handle the workload. However, if your school offers both AP and IB programs, you might want to ask your school counselor for advice on which program might be a better fit for you and your goals. Ultimately, it's about challenging yourself and pursuing subjects you're passionate about. Best of luck with your decision!

4 months ago
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