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What's a cool summer activity to boost my ECs?

Hey, I'm a junior looking for a fun summer activity that can also help my college apps. I'm into art and run track. Any ideas? Thanks!

a year ago

It's great that you're seeking to make the most of your summer while also enhancing your college applications. Given your interests in art and track, there are several possibilities for summer activities.

1. Art programs: Look for local or even residential art programs that offer workshops, classes, or internships in various art disciplines. These programs can help you develop your skills, create new artwork for your portfolio, and connect with other like-minded individuals.

2. Volunteering or teaching art: Reach out to local community centers, after-school programs, or summer camps to see if they're in need of art instructors or volunteers. Sharing your passion for art with others can be a rewarding experience and demonstrate leadership and commitment.

3. Running camps: If you're interested in further developing your track abilities, consider attending a running camp. These camps often focus on improving technique, strength, and endurance, and can provide valuable networking opportunities with coaches and fellow athletes.

4. Coaching or mentoring in track and field: Volunteer to coach or mentor younger athletes at a local sports camp or community organization. This can showcase your dedication to your sport and your ability to give back to your community.

By pursuing your passions and making a positive impact, you can create a memorable summer experience while also enhancing your extracurricular profile for college applications. Best of luck!

a year ago

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