Do colleges really care about demonstrated interest?

Hi all! I've heard that some colleges consider demonstrated interest when making admissions decisions. I'm curious about how much weight this factor carries and whether it's worth my time to attend college fairs, visit campuses, or participate in other activities to show my interest. Any insights? Thanks!

3 months ago

Hey there! I can definitely understand why you're curious about demonstrated interest and its impact on college admissions. As a parent who recently went through the college application process with my child, I can share some of our experiences. Demonstrated interest can vary in importance depending on the college. For some, it can be a significant factor, while for others, it may not carry much weight at all. Generally, smaller colleges and private institutions may place a higher emphasis on this aspect, as they often want to admit students who are genuinely interested in attending and are likely to enroll if accepted. Visiting campuses, attending college fairs, and participating in other activities can be beneficial not only for demonstrating interest but also for helping you get a better feel for the colleges you're considering. However, I'd recommend prioritizing these activities based on your personal preferences and the schools you're most interested in. Remember, the college application process is about finding the best fit for you, so focus on finding schools that align with your goals and values. Best of luck!

3 months ago
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