Do I need to take a foreign language all four years of high school?

Hi guys! I'm a high school junior and I'm wondering if I need to take a foreign language for all four years of high school. I've already taken three years, but I'm considering dropping it next year to make room for other classes. Will this hurt my college applications? Thanks for any advice!

4 months ago

Hi! It's great that you're thinking about your college applications and trying to make the best choices. While taking a foreign language for all four years may be beneficial, it's not always necessary. Colleges will generally be looking at the rigor of your overall schedule, not just if you've taken a language course for all four years. If you feel that you can take other classes that are more relevant to your intended major or interests, that could be a good way to demonstrate your dedication to those areas. It's important to prioritize your education and make choices that you feel will benefit you in the long run. Ultimately, it would be helpful to research the specific requirements or recommendations of the colleges you're interested in. Keep in mind that every college has different expectations, so it's best to be informed. Good luck with your decision!

4 months ago
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