Do colleges value AP classes more than regular classes?

Hello! I'm currently a junior, and I'm trying to figure out my class schedule for next year. Do colleges value AP classes more than regular classes? I don't want to overload myself with too many APs, but I also want to be competitive. Thanks for your help!

4 months ago

Hey there! From my experience with my own child's college application process, colleges do tend to value AP classes more than regular classes. The reason is that they view AP courses as a way for students to challenge themselves academically and to demonstrate their ability to handle college-level coursework. That being said, it's important not to overload yourself with too many APs just for the sake of being competitive. Colleges also value a balanced and well-rounded student, so it's essential to find the right balance for you. Consider taking AP classes in subjects that genuinely interest you and where you feel confident in your abilities. It's better to do well in a few AP classes than to struggle with a full load of them. Also, don't forget to leave time for extracurricular activities, as they can play a significant role in college admissions too. Ultimately, it's about finding the right balance that works for you and showcases your strengths and interests. Good luck with your class scheduling, and I hope this helps!

4 months ago
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