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How important is demonstrated interest in college admissions?

Hey there! I'm a junior, and I've been hearing about demonstrated interest in the college admissions process. How important is it, and what are some ways I can show my interest in a college? Thanks for any advice!

11 months ago

Demonstrated interest can be important in the college admissions process, but its significance varies depending on the college. Some colleges track demonstrated interest as a way to gauge an applicant's likelihood of attending if admitted. This can help them manage their yield (the percentage of admitted students who actually enroll) and shape their incoming class. However, not all colleges consider demonstrated interest in their admissions decisions.

To show your interest in a college, you can attend college fairs and speak with admissions representatives, visit the campus (either physically or virtually), sign up for and attend college information sessions, interact with the college on social media, and connect with current students or alumni. Additionally, you can demonstrate interest in your application by writing a strong and specific 'Why this College' essay, which explains how the college's offerings align with your goals and interests. Remember, though, that demonstrated interest is just one factor among many in the admissions process, and your academic record and extracurricular involvement will play a larger role.

11 months ago

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