Should I include my social media accounts in my college applications?

Hey! I've heard that some students include their social media accounts in their college applications to showcase their interests and accomplishments. Is this something you would recommend, and if so, how should I go about it? Thanks for your advice!

4 months ago

Hi there! Including social media accounts in college applications can be a great idea if you have something substantial to showcase, such as your involvement in a particular community, your artistic or creative side, or your accomplishments in a specific field. However, I would only recommend doing so if your social media accounts are professional and if the content is relevant to your application. To do this, you can mention your social media handles in the 'Additional Information' section of your application or in your resume, if you're submitting one. Just make sure to double-check your profiles for any content that could be seen as inappropriate or unprofessional before sharing them with colleges. Good luck with your applications!

4 months ago
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