How much does demonstrated interest matter?

Hi all! I was just wondering how much demonstrated interest plays a role in college admissions. I've visited some colleges, but due to time and cost constraints, I can't visit all the schools I'm interested in. Will this hurt my chances? Thanks in advance for any advice!

3 months ago

Hello! Demonstrated interest can indeed play a role in college admissions, but the extent to which it matters varies from one institution to another. Some colleges and universities do take demonstrated interest into account, as it can help them gauge how likely a student is to attend if admitted. This can be important for schools looking to maintain a certain yield rate (the percentage of admitted students who choose to enroll). That being said, I understand that it's not always feasible to visit every school on your list. Many admissions offices are aware of this and offer alternative ways to show your interest, such as attending virtual events, connecting with admissions representatives, or engaging with the school on social media. While demonstrated interest is just one factor among many in the admissions process, taking these steps can help show your enthusiasm for a particular school. Good luck with your applications!

3 months ago
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